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There are approximately 2.4 million burn injuries reported in the U.S. each year. Six hundred fifty thousand injuries are serious enough to require medical treatment. Seventy five thousand victims are admitted to hospitals. Tragically, between 8,000 and 12,000 burn victims die from their injuries annually. Have you or a loved one suffered serious burns due to someone else’s negligence? If the answer is yes, you need a burn injury lawyer.

Burn injuries can be some of the most painful and expensive injuries to treat. A burn injury attorney can fight to get you the full and fair compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, ongoing medical treatment, salary replacement, and other losses. Lawyers Group is a free service that can connect you with a burn injury lawyer, in your area quickly and easily.

Burn Injury Lawyers Can Help

Sadly, burn accidents are far too common. Burn injuries are the second leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., trailing only motor vehicle accidents. The physical, emotional and financial costs are overwhelming. Serious burn injuries usually require long hospitalizations, surgeries, physical and occupational therapy, and psychological counseling. Burn injury lawyers are experts in assisting victims with their claims. Burn injury attorneys can help take the burden off of burn victims and their families by handling and coordinating all aspects of their cases.

Burn Injury Attorney: Why You Need a Professional

A burn injury attorney has the knowledge and training to help victims of any type of burn, including:

  • Scalding/Water Burns
  • Thermal burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Radiation burns
  • Burns resulting from vehicle or work related accidents
  • Burns caused by dangerous or defective products

If you suffered any kind of burn, and someone else is to blame, it is essential that you speak with a qualified burn injury lawyer. Burn injury lawyers know how catastrophic these wounds can be. While no settlement can make up for the trauma, burn injury lawyers can make sure you get the money you need for the best medical care and in compensation for your suffering.

Burn Injuries

First-degree burns are usually superficial and don’t warrant the need for a burn injury lawyer. However, if you have suffered second or third degree burns, you may be entitled to a significant settlement that a burn injury attorney can help secure for you.

Skin has three layers: the epidermis (the outer layer), the dermis (middle layer) and the hypodermis or subcutaneous layer. The degrees refer to how deeply the burn damages each layer of skin.

  • First Degree Burns: These burns only affect the outer layer, the epidermis. While they may be painful, they are minor in severity and will heal fairly quickly if they do not get infected. Sunburn and brief contact with moist or dry heat, chemicals, or friction are common causes of first-degree burns.
  • Second Degree Burns: These burns affect both the epidermis and the dermis, and are more serious. Blistering, severe pain, redness, and swelling are the result, and the wounds may scar. Second degree burns larger than 3 inches need to be treated by a doctor. Depending on the extent of the wound, the victim may wish to consult a burn injury lawyer.
  • Third Degree Burns: Third degree burns damage all three layers of skin. Third degree burns leave significant scars and can be fatal. Nerve damage is common, and the wounds may require surgical skin grafting. You should always hire a burn injury lawyer, if the accident that caused these terrible burns was through the negligence of others.

Burn Injury Lawyers of Lawyers Group

Burn injury lawyers usually accept contingency cases, taking only a fair percentage of the award after they win your case. Your initial consultation is FREE.

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